Easy to install, adjust and customize – the Beretta TSK Stock allows the shooter to always have the performance of a personalized stock and offers adjustability to suit every shooters needs and preferences.
The Beretta by TSK fully adjustable stock is the most advanced solution in stock customization technology, and will be the standard stock of the Beretta DT11 Black Pro, the admiral of our clay target shooting shotguns.


Completely made in Italy with high-tech precision CNC machines, this fully adjustable stock is currently available to suit the Beretta DT10 and DT11,  the Beretta 682 and 692 shotguns, and also the Perazzi HT. Stocks to suit other makes/models may also be available via special order. (please contact us)

The TSK stock is compatible with the Beretta B-Fast balance weight system.

Available in both Right and Left Hand configurations, in a range of sizes to suit the requirements of any shooter. 

The Beretta TSK Stocks have been developed to offer the shooter a unique solution for every need. The TSK Stock is able to be adjusted to personal preferences and offers significant adjustability range on all parts.

The TSK Stocks can even be customized with aftermarket accessories (eg. longer tube, plates with different angles etc (available soon). 

Each TSK Stock comes complete with:

– Complete stock
– Stock Hard Case
– Adjustment keys
– Instruction manual

TSK Stock Overview

How to fit a balancing kit to TSK Stock.

Available to suit:


  • Beretta 682 / 682
  • Beretta DT10 / DT11
  • Beretta ASE


  • MX8 / MX2000
  • High Tech


  • EVO


  • K80

Caesar Guerini

  • Summit


  • Z-Gun
  • Kronos

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