Ghost Stryke II

Ghost Stryke II Electronic Ear Protection


Ghost Stryke II Electronic Ear Protection – The Ghost Stryke™ II 100% Digital In-Ear Silencer & Enhancer™ gives you an ultra small, light-weight solution for your Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection needs. Simply place this in your ear to hear and protect in any environment. Adjustment period is instantaneous. 

You can get rid of the bulky ear muffs and have total comfort all day long- you’ll forget you’re even wearing anything at all. GS II gives you a step up in power and clarity for improved hearing performance.


  • AudiCORE™ 1.5 100% Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Digital Sound Compression (DSC) Hearing Protection™
  • Universal Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Push Button Volume Control with 4 Levels to Choose from
  • Standard #10 Hearing Battery

Product Overview


Hearing/Sound Enhancement

Ghost Stryke™ II gives you an ultra small, light-weight solution for your hearing needs. Simply place this in your ear and start hearing immediately. Adjustment period is instantaneous. Within minutes you’ll forget you wearing your little Ghost Stryke™ device. Ghost Stryke™ offers the best value for digital hearing and protection combined in a tiny little in-ear device. Perfect for any environment where you need to maintain good hearing while simultaneously protecting your hearing!™

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Hearing Protection

Experience peace of mind every time in loud environments. Our AudiCore™ Digital Sound Compression (DSC) technology automatically compresses all loud sounds to safe levels allowing you to protect your hearing from permanent hearing loss, damage and pain.

You must install foam tips on the end of your Spectre™ to protect your hearing.

Read more on our AudiCore™ Digital Sound Compression (DSC) Technology



  • 28 dB Gain/Amplification
  • Manual Volume Control to set at your desired level
  • Pre-tuned for high fidelity and most listening environments
  • Effective in Wind
  • Background Noise Filtering
  • Whistle/Feedback Cancellation
  • Liquify™ Waterproofing (Optional)
  • Custom Fit Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells


Additional Features

  • Additional Features
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Standard #10a Hearing Battery
  • Easy to Put In and Remove

DEP Drawing




AudiCore™ Hearing Performance Technology

AXIL AudiCore™ Hearing Performance technology is constantly evolving in the most advanced science(s) of digital hearing technology. Our AudiCore™ Digital Processing Circuitry converts sound waves of all types into actual digital code. AudiCore™ circuitry then reshapes the digital code and sends it to the miniaturized receiver (speaker). The receiver/speaker recreates a whole new sound based on the recalculations of the digital algorithms within the circuitry.

Ghost Stryke™ II offers AudiCORE™ 1.5 and is well-suited for a wide range of applications at home, work or outside activities. The perfect entry level technology for newcomers to hearing enhancement. Offers clear hearing effortlessly to handle the sounds you need to clarify.

AC 1.5 gives you the technology of Digital Sound Compression (DSC) for maximum hearing protection, if and when you need it.

AC 1.5 is our Entry level technology.