Stoeger Shotguns

M2000 Semi Auto



New Zealand hunters love this gun.

The Model 2000 is licensed to use Benelli’s Intertia Driven® operating system – the heart of the world most prestigious and expensive autoloaders. Along with better balance, it gives hunters the ability to fire anything from target ammo to the heaviest waterfowl loads without adjustments. And because gas isn’t vented from the barrel it stays cleaner, even after hundreds of shots.

Stoeger, a budget priced gun with the quality assurance of being part of the Beretta family.

ModelGaugeChamber (in)ChokesBarrel Length (in)Weight (Kg)
M2000 Max4 HD123C,IC,M,F,XF28"3.2
M2000 Walnut123C,IC,M,F,XF28"3.3
M2000 Synthetic123C,IC,M,F,XF26" & 28"3.2

Note: minimum load is 2 ¾ inch, 32g.