At Beretta New Zealand, we take the quality and performance of our products very seriously. We know you do too.

Click on the highlighted products below to  download independent product reviews and test fires in pdf format. And see for yourself how our products stack up.

A300 XtremaRod & RifleMarch 2014
Tikka T3 Sporter and Burris E1 RiflescopeNZ HunterFebruary 2014
Steiner Xtreme and Ranger 8x30NZ HunterFebruary 2014
Eliminator II and Tikka T3 FlutedRod & RifleJanuary 2014
A300 XtremaNZ HunterMay 2013
Sako Bavarian Carbine and Steiner Nighthunter ScopeRod & RifleMay 2013
Beretta A400 Action 20gaRod & RifleMay 2013
Beretta A400 XtremeHunting & FishingMarch 2013
Beretta 686 Silver PigeonHunting & FishingMarch 2013
Benelli VinciHunting & FishingMarch 2013
DT11 ReviewGunshotDec 2012
Tikka T3 + Hardy SuppressorHunting & FishingNov 2012
Burris Eliminator III LaserscopeHunting & Fishing Nov 2012
Beretta XtremeNZ HunterApr 2012
Beretta OutlanderSporting Gun UKMarch 2012
Beretta XtremeRod & RifleFeb 2012
Beretta A400 FamilyRod & RifleDec 2011
Beretta A400 XtremeHunting & FishingNov 2011
Sako & Burris ComboHunting & FishingNov 2011

Beretta New Zealand would like to extend our thanks to NZHunter magazine(www.NZHunter.co.nz) and Rod and Rifle magazine (www.rodandrifle.co.nz) for their kind permission to publish these products reviews. NZHunter and Rod and Rifle retain all copyrights for these articles.