A400 Xtreme Optifade

A400 Xtreme Optifade


Now available in Beretta Water fowl Optifade. Driving rain, blinding sleet and freezing snow. Hardcore waterfowlers live to hunt in Xtreme conditions and so must their shotguns.

Beretta’s A400 Xtreme features Kick Off MEGA’s 70% recoil reduction, Blink’s faster cycling of any 12ga load , Beretta’s exclusive Aqua Technology’s corrosion proof barrier ,  and a whopping 4+1 cartridge capacity plus mag extension.

Combined, they produce Xtreme’s never quit, show no mercy attitude that will reign in the most Xtreme conditions imaginable. Know no limits – Go Xtreme.

Shoot in a blink: The A400  rotating bolt system, new feeding system and Beretta gas system – with a new piston design – means its 36% faster than any other functioning system.

Unrivaled Comfort : A third hydraulic shock absorber which we’ve named Kick-off 3 and the new Kick Off Mega, an evolution of Kick off that ensures the stock area that makes contact with your face remains stationary. Combine this with MicroCore, a new recoil pad better than any other on the market. The stock and fore-end have also been completely redesigned to maximise ergonomics and comfort.

Steel performance: The special Optima-Bore® HP geometry was conceived to offer the best performance, even with steel shot. The shot pattern remains perfect and uniform in every type of hunt, complemented by the use of the Optima-Choke® HP choke tubes.

Aqua Technology’s waterproof / corrosion proof barrier- Provides a corrosion proof barrier which ensures all internal and external metallic components remain impervious to every extreme element you may encounter

Beretta Waterfowl Optifade Pattern

•       Optimized for a non-frontal engagement angle, since waterfowl will see a predator from any angle

•       Uses lighter colours and starker contrasts, to confuse the prey and to account for the high-contrast environment (horizon line, water shimmering, etc.) where hunting takes place

•       Uses highly detailed micro patterns to match the background colour and texture elements and confuse the bird

The A400 Xtreme Optifade pattern is available at Hunting and Fishing New Zealand stores only. Other A400 Xtreme Camo and Synthetic  are available at all Beretta stockists.

GaugeChamberChokesBarrel Length
A400 Xtreme Optifade123.5"Optimachoke26", 28" & 30"