Raffaello Crio

Raffaello Crio

The Raffaello Crio semiautomatic shotgun is the result of advanced technological research with slim lines and the clever use of special alloys and carbon fibre making it extremely lightweight.

The design of the receiver and the slim line of the trigger guard are the result of careful aesthetic and ergonomic research that guarantees quick firing and a balanced swing.

The shotgun has a relatively small number of component parts, incorporating a simple operating principle. The main features of the mechanism are the turning block bolt locking system and the cartridge feeding system (cut off). These serve to make the Raffaello CrioComfort reliable and practical, easy to strip and maintain

The Raffaello Crio shotgun derives its name from the ingenious application of the cryogenic treatment, until now used only in the aerospace industry.

Cryogenic physics has revealed that strange things happen when matter is taken to temperatures of -300° F; gases become liquids and solids, ceramics become conductors of electricity and steel is changed at the molecular level. When a Benelli barrel is cryogenically treated, all of the stresses caused by hammer forging are relieved and the surface of the bore takes on a more even-grained, slicker surface that offers less resistance to wads and shot charges. With a smoother and more uniform surface, Benelli Crio® Barrels not only pattern better, they stay cleaner longer.

Click here for a review of the Raffaello Crio in UK Shooting Magazine. ” This is quite an exceptional lightweight self-loader that certainly punches above its weight”.

GaugeChamberBarrel LengthChokes
Raffaello Crio12 /20ga3"28"Crio(2)