A300 Outlander

A300 Outlander

The A300 Outlander is a reliable solution for hunters keen to step up to the Beretta world of superior semi-auto performance –  at a truly remarkable price.

Legendary Beretta performance and reliability with worry free operation—all hallmarks of Beretta’s newest addition to the semi-auto lineup for 2012.
Born of decades of technological advancement in the field of semi-auto shotguns, the new A300 Outlander is guaranteed to perform.

In keeping with the Beretta tradition, the new A300 Outlander is a soft-shooting gas-operated system semi-auto which combines the reliable Beretta bolt with falling block (locked breech) with an improved gas valve with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston, so that excess pressure caused by the most powerful cartridges can be decreased automatically.

Other features include

Receiver – Draws from A400 legacy

  • Machined from solid aluminium
  • Hard -anodized matte black
  • Coated to prevent corrosion and wear
  • Capable of accepting optics

Fore end cap in lightweight polymer

  • Trigger guard
  • Heavy duty polymer
  • Wear resistant finish
  • Larger opening for ease of operation

Cold- hammer forged barrels

  • Accurate
  • Robust
  • Lightweight

Ultimate reliability with 2 ¾” and 3” shells (3+1 capacity)


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