SV10 Perennia I

SV10 Perennia I

The world’s softest shooting over and under.

Every once in a generation or so comes along a shotgun that revolutionizes and reshapes the category. Beretta’s SV10 Perennia KickOff 3 is such a firearm.

The third evolution of Beretta’s celebrated over-and-unders, it has been meticulously engineered for reliable performance, year after year, round after round.

The Perennia’s new aesthetics and technical design are unmatched anywhere. A redesigned safety offers a better grip and ergonomics, while a new locking system provides a more constant lock between the stock and receiver.

  • First ever application of Kick-Off technology on  wooden stock –  giving you this is a world-class gun that will outperform expectations.

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ModelGaugeChamber (in)ChokesBarrel Length (in)Weight (Kg)
SV10 Perennia I12ga3Optima Choke (OC) HP30"3.3kg