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New – Burris Eliminator II Laserscope- Calculates distance out to 999 yards at ANY magnification

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


The new Eliminator is a new member of the revolutionary Eliminator laserscope range from Burris.

The Eliminator II 4x-12x-42mm laserscope has a new X38 reticle and can accurately calculate the distance to your target out to 999 yards at ANY magnification.

It can also be programmed for any gun and any load and comes standard with inclination/declination compensation, making up hill and downhill shots incredibly accurate. For maximum efficiency and fingertip control, the Eliminator II comes equipped with a remote activation switch that can be attached to the firearm’s forearm or the scope’s objective bell.
In stores now.


For more information visit the Burris website  here.