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Steiner Binos stand the test of time

Monday, October 15th, 2012


We just received a great picture from one of our customers from Australia!

When he was diving in Greece he found old Steiner binoculars in an old wreck which may have belonged to the captain. The ship sunk in the 1970’s just outside Pylos.

“The binoculars were lying at around 47 meters below the surface. They were NOT full of water. Of course there must have been some leakage which explains the calcium fogging on the lenses. Incredibly none of the lenses were broken.

“When they say that Steiner’s are tough, they’re not mucking around. I’ve seen some amazing things under the water but I was really amazed by this instrument. It’s a credit to your company and you should be proud.” Thanks to James Michos from Sydney!