Eliminator III Ballistic Laserscope

Eliminator III Ballistic Laserscope

Extreme Accuracy for Extreme Range

Imagine a scope that tells you where to aim, automatically compensates uphill or downhill angles and directs you where to hold for wind.

This new Eliminator III laser range-finding scope from Burris has revolutionised long range shooting. Easy to set up and use, it provides both experienced and novice shooters the perfect riflescope to handle any situation. The Eliminator III is in a league of its own. To achieve outstanding accuracy at ranges from 750 to 1,200-yards, the Eliminator III features enhanced ballistic programming.

And it works at any magnification. With the Burris Eliminator III, the 12X view of your trophy is as steady as your rifle is – much steadier than one hand on a laser rangefinder can ever hope to be. . And the parallax adjustment works from 50-yards to infinity, so you can track targets from extremely far distances.

But the most exciting feature of the Eliminator III is the new X96 reticle, which provides a convenient and accurate method to compensate for wind. The Eliminator digital readout displays a 10mph wind value for the shooter’s specific cartridge at the specific target range as a “dot value”. These Dots serve as references to the shooter to precisely hold into the wind. Note that you still need to calculate the wind strength.

With the Eliminator III long-range, shooters are going further with more accuracy, longer range, new windage compensation and now perfected AT ANY MAGNIFICATION.

Now available in 3-12 x 44mm and 4-16 x 50mm.

For more information on the Eliminator III and examples of the new wind compensation reticle download the Eliminator brochure  here.

Feature Summary

  •  1200+ Yd. Ranging Capability
  • X96 Reticle – Wind Values Displayed in Field-of-View
  •  Accurate at ANY Magnification
  •  Extreme Range Precision Ballistic Programming
  •  Options of 4x-16x or 3x-16x Magnification Range
  •  Illumination Brightness Adjustment
  •  Parallax Adjustment – 50 Yd. to Infinity


Click here to view the Burris Eliminator III in action (as used by Matua on  )

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